Advertising Tips:

Setting up an engaging landing page for your Digital advertising campaign is fundamental for driving ROI.

Your current offer should be the sole reason why your landing page exists, so your offer should be showcased on the page.

There should be clear call-to-action for the visitor to do something on the landing page (e.g., buy, visit, subbscribe etc.).

By outlining a clear call-to-action for your visitors you will have a fundamental digital marketing measurement metric that can be used to determine the success of your advertising campaign.

Make sure your landing page is mobile optimized because mobile now represents about 70% percent of digital media time and desktop is becoming a secondary touch point for an increasing number of digital users.

Advertising Services

Be ahead of your competition and advertise on our family friendly website. Ads must be paid in full and submitted at least four business days prior to run date.

We reserve the right to reject any banner advertisement deemed offensive or inappropriate to our site or a particular page. cannot accept responsibility for any client's website that is down, that is the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

The banner ad graphic must be in either JPEG or GIF format and should not require more than 100k (kilobytes) of memory. Creative images must be clear, relevant and recognizable. Text appearing in the ad must be legible. Creatives cannot appear sideways or upside down. Ads with partially black or white backgrounds must have a visible border of a contrasting color.

We do not accept pop-ups, expandable ads, floating ads, ads with audio, flash format or any other rich media banners formats. We provide creative services and can create banner ad for your campaign if you don't have a professional who will create your banner ad for you. We are pleased to accept banner ads created by advertising clients, design or advertising agencies. We will only accept banners that meet our specifications.


  • Ads may not promote online gambling (paid, free or gateway to paid gambling); brick and mortar gambling is acceptable.
  • Ads may not portray partial or complete nudity, pornography, adult themes and obscene content.
  • Ads may not deliver illegal, violent, hate, tasteless, libelous or defamatory content.
  • Ads may not have spawn pops, simulate clicks, viruses, malicious code or executable files of any kind.

NOTE: Ads with explicit language, spelling mistakes and simulated expletives (e.g., $#%!) will not be accepted.

Advertising rates are based on your choice of packages. For further information about advertising packages or advertising regulations please contact us. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate, ask us, we are flexible.

Thank you for your interest. Your interest is greatly appreciated!


Advertising Facts

Internet is now the largest medium for advertising.

Online advertising is less costly than offline advertising.

Average person spends more time online than watching TV.

Marketers spent more to advertise on the Internet than on TV.