Real Estate Terminology: V to Z

Estimated worth or price. The act of estimating the worth of real property.

A seller of real property.

Vendor Take-Back Mortgage:
A situation where sellers use their equity in a property to provide some or all of the mortgage financing in order to sell the property.

Of no legal effect or force. Void contract is a nullity at law, with no legal effect.

Where one party to a contract is entitled to rescind the contract at his/her option. Contracts entered into by minors, mentally incompetent persons or intoxicated persons may be voidable. Legal advice is strongly recommended on such matters.

A waiver is the voluntary relinquishment or surrender of some known right or privilege.

Waiver of Condition:
The relinquishment or surrender of some right as set out in a condition within an agreement.

Water Table:
The prevailing level of underground water in a particular location.

Yield Rate:
A term refering to the rate of return or yield on capital realized from all future benefits arising out of ownership.

A stretch of land or an area having a particular purpose, characteristic, or use, or subject to particular restrictions.

Zoning Regulations:
Strict guidelines set and enforced by municipal governments regulating how a property may or may not be used.

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Mortgage Info

Mortgage Info

Regardless of how certain you are that you will get mortgage, it is always good idea to get pre-approved from the mortgage lender of your choice. This will officially address any questions about your eligibility, rate, terms and it will enable you to better negotiate for the property of your choice.

Credit Score


Credit scoring model seeks to quantify how likely the consumers are to pay off their debt without being late. The more your credit file demonstrates that you pay your debt on time, the more desirable you become as a potential customer. The higher the client's score is, the less likely they are to default on their loan.


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