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Moving Tips

Create a floor plan of your new home for furniture and appliance placement.

Start a file for all your moving paperwork (estimates, receipts,etc).

Make an inventory of your household goods and begin to remove clutter (start with the basement, attic, garage, and otherstorage areas).

Get your new home ready - Contact  carpenters, painters, plumbers, etc., so your home is ready when you arrive.

Keep all envelopes for at least one month after move so you can be sure everyone is sent a change of address form.

Assemble a file folder of information to leave for the new owner of your home.

Properly dispose of items that cannot be moved, such as flammable liquids.

Four weeks prior to moving day start using foods and cleaning supplies that cannot be moved.

If you have "last month" deposits with services, such as the telephone company, request your refund.

Make any travel plans necessary for your move.

Check to see if you need any moving permits.

If you are moving in or out of an apartment, arrange for use of the elevator.

Make child-care arrangements for moving day.

Service your car in preparation for the move. If you're moving from a warm climate to a cold one, check your antifreeze.

Return any borrowed items (including library books) and retrieve any loaned items.

Transfer prescriptions and be sure you have an adequate supply of medications on hand.

Pick up laundry -- Laundry tickets are easy to misplace, so ask for your things by name and not just by the receipts you have.

Pack a travel kit: Put aside critical items like a checkbook, credit cards, personal phone book, ID, flashlight, keys, toiletries, tools, paper plates, cups, towels, travel alarm clock, aspirin, bandages and games for the kids. Also, pack a suitcase with clothing and other personal items.

Find new homes for plants that will not be moved.

Set aside anything that will travel in your car so it will not be loaded on the truck.

One day prior to moving day, disconnect and prepare major appliances for move.

Defrost refrigerator and freezer, propping doors open.

Pack a box of items that will be needed first at the new house. Clearly mark this box "Load Last."