Seller Info

Seller Info

Don't just list your property - get it sold!

When you want to sell your property, think about the best possible results with the least amount of hassle and aggravation. If you plan to use professional sales person to sell your property, keep in mind selling a property is team effort and it doesn't cost you any more to have good sales person working for you.

If you currently own property and are thinking of placing it on the market, get informed about preparing your home for sale, pricing your property appropriately, marketing it effectively and learn everything you can about real estate sale process so you can control and maximize your chance of a profitable sale by avoiding costly marketing mistakes.

There are a lot of misconceptions about how homes are sold. For example, properties are sold by the listing agent only a small percentage of the time. Finding, and than selecting, the right company and sales professional is not easy. Our goal is to assist you in finding the information you need to make an informed decision before making any big commitment.

Sometimes, people try to sell their own homes. Even if they do find a buyer, there is rarely any assurance that the best buyer or property price was found. The very last thing you want to do is sell your property for less than you could. That would be like giving money (maybe thousands of dollars) to a total stranger!

This page will help bring into balance some of the many factors to consider when deciding how to maximaze exposure for your home and sell it for the top dollars. Prepare yourself before you begin taking steps toward selling your property.

Important Things to Know:

  • Selling a house is a complex process: - The thought that you might be saving some money on one of the biggest business transactions most of regular people will ever make, can be very appealing. But selling a house is a complex procedure involving large sum of money, stringent legal requirements, with the potential for making some costly mistakes. That is the main reason we want you to read article why you should use a realtor to sell your house.

  • Agency relationship: - When working with a REALTOR, it is important to understand who the REALTOR work for. REALTORS are governed by the legal concept of "agency". An agent is legally obligated to look after the best interests of the person he or she is working for. The agent must be loyal to that person. When a Real Estate company is a "Seller’s Agent", it must do what is best for the Seller of the property. A written contract, called a Listing Agreement, establishes Seller Agency. It also explains services the company will provide, establishes a fee arrangement for the REALTOR's services and specifies what obligations a Seller may have.

  • Create a good marketing plan: - The customized good marketing plan should be designed to make the process of selling your home as simple and quick as possible. While a sign on your lawn is of paramount importance to the sale of your home, a well-thought-out marketing plan is also essential.

There are a number of other key components that you must consider when selling your real estate property:

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To further maximize exposure, your Realtor may recommend you hold one or two types of open houses as soon as the property goes on the market. The first will be an open house for Realtors only. If your home is attractive and well-priced, many of the Realtors at the open house will make arrangements to bring clients to see your home immediately. Read more...

Buyers select homes by comparison shopping, so make sure your home stand out from other properties on the market.
No single agent can possibly control a buyer pool as large as that of the entire real estate community.
To maximaze exposure for your home, market it to two primary target audiences: the real estate community and buyers.
You should prepare a home differently to sell than to live in!

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