Make the Necessary Improvements

Cost Effective Home Improvements

If you want to get the best price for the property you're selling, think about some cost effective improvements your house need. There may be some improvements and other fix-ups you can do to enhance it in a prospective buyer's eyes and recoup money invested. Make a list of projects, investigate how much a particular project will cost and compare it with the typical return of such a project. Of course, you'll save even more money if you have skills and knowledge to take care of the improvements yourself because you'll eliminate the cost of labor. It is very important that these improvements be made before you put your home on the market.

Seller Info

Seller Info

If you currently own property and are thinking of placing it on the market, get informed about preparing your home for sale, pricing your property appropriately, marketing it effectively and learn everything you can about real estate sale process so you can maximize your chance of a profitable sale by avoiding costly marketing mistakes.

Make the Necessary Improvements

Making the necessary improvements before you put your property on the market is probably one of the most important things you can do for fast and smooth selling process. The average buyer simply does not have the "vision" necessary to see the job done (if you are planning to do the improvements prior to closing). A house that looks nice inside will sell at a slightly higher price, but above all, it will sell much faster.

If you are attempting to sell the house as a "fixer-upper" be aware that even though many buyers say that this is what they want, when confronted with the prospect of actually buying one, they often run for the hills!

The Best Projects to Invest

Painting gives you the best return for money spent. Which rooms should you paint? Any that have dirty or marked walls or any rooms that are currently painted in dark or special colors. Keep it neutral, off-white, beige or antique-white is the best.

One of the simplest way to improve your house's value is to improve its lighting. Make sure all the lights are clean, work well and aren't dimming. Brighter is better, so have the highest wattage available and safe for each fixture.

Take a good look at your carpets. At the very least, all carpeting needs to be steam cleaned. Any worn, stained or foul smelling carpet should be replaced. You may be tempted to give a "carpet allowance" and that may work. Just remember, most buyers do not have vision.

If faucets in the house are old or they drip, fix them or replace them.

If you have a little more to spend, it's a good idea to look into kitchen remodeling. You could update the kitchen with more modern features, such as new countertops, and appliances. If you don't have money for replacing the cabinets, consider repainting them.

Bathroom remodeling is another good return on your investment. If money is tight, consider detailed cleaning and some replacement. Remove any evidence of mildew from the shower and bathtub. Products are available that spray on and quickly kill the mildew. Thoroughly clean sinks and tubs. If rust spots are on the porcelain, attempt to remove them.

If you are renovating your house in order to sell, you must plan for changes that will meet the needs of a majority of potential buyers and ensure that the modifications are suitably up to date and will appeal to the maximum number of people.

If cash is tight, investigate an equity loan that you can repay on closing. Talk to your real estate professional about other tips that can help boost a home's appeal and impress potential buyers once they're in the door.



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