Spruce Up Your Home

Quick & Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Home

Improve the look of your house and make it more marketable and appealing. You can redecorate your household interior even if you're on a tight budget. Here are some tips on how to create a brand new look for your home, or simply refresh your existing one, and make everything look neat and trendy.

Paint the Walls

Giving your walls a new splash of color completely changes the appearance of your interior. Walls painted in neutral shades create a roomy feeling because they recede and make walls and furniture look further away than they actually are. Use light colors like beige, light blue, off white, peach etc.

These colors are not only pleasant to the eyes but they also are most suited to whatever color furniture or accessories you might have. If you can, use low furniture because the low furniture makes the eye think the ceiling is taller. If you have moldings and trim, keep the colors light and similar to the surroundings so they don't break up the space unnecessarily.

To make easy color coordinating, use color cards provided by paint manufacturers. The colors on each color card go from light to dark in percentages. To ensure that several different colors will work together, choose hues at the same level on the color card. When shopping for accessories, take the color cards along with you. The other shades on the color card will make perfect accent colors. Find out more about the colors in our article Say it With Color: Decorating Your Home.

Change the Upholstery and Covers

Sometimes it takes more than a paint job to spruce up a room, especially if the fabric on your furniture looks worn or tired. By changing the upholstery, furniture covers or cushion covers, the whole area gets a totally new look. You can mix and match with different colors and patterns but be sure to carefully match the color, texture and design of the new fabrics with your floor, carpet or wall colors. Take care to see that you have a common theme running between all your upholstery so that the colors do not hurt the eye or clash.

Re-upholstering takes skill and isn't cheap, so before attempting to re-upholster a furniture piece yourself, make sure you know what you are doing or consider hiring a person who specializes in this craft.

Change Window Treatment

When you are considering changing window coverings, consider available light, room decor, location and privacy. If your windows face north, you should aim to let in as much light as possible if privacy is not an issue. If they face south or west, you may want to cut back on the amount of light. Windows serve as a visual link with the outside world. They are also the primary source of natural light in your home. Before buying, work out all the details and make sure you are happy with selection. Blinds, fabrics, shutters, sheers, shades, or just plain naked windows are only a few of your options.

The window treatment is often the most eye-catching aspect of a room. The room gets a very rich look if the window treatment that you use is rich and comfortable. Simple window treatments should blend into the background and soften the break that a window makes in the wall. If your windows reveal a pleasant view and privacy is not an issue, you may want to use minimal coverings that can be easily pulled back. Find out more about window coverings in our article Window Coverings - Decorative & Functional.

Use Lights to Brighten, Accent or Set Mood

Lighting can be practical, functional, decorative and dramatic. It creates atmosphere and mood in a room. There are a huge number of options available, just know its primary purpose before choosing one for the task. An attractive floor lamp or table lamp placed next to a comfortable chair completes a perfect reading area. Wall sconces add a dramatic effect and can change mood for a room. You can brighten or accent different portions of a room with thoughtfully planned area lighting. A chandelier provides the light needed for general work at a table or dinning. You can control amount of light from the fixture with a dimmer switch to set the right mood for occasion or task. Track hardware on the ceiling allows you to position fixtures for spot lighting. If your kitchen is too dark, maybe all it needs is set of new track lighting that puts the spotlight where you want it. Under-cabinet task lighting makes work safer and easier and brightens those dark counter areas. Display lights under shelves can brighten a dark or shadowy area. Variations are endless, you just need to look for the style that best fits the room's decor.

Update Your Floors

Update worn carpets, change tile floors or install a floating floor and boost the value of your home. Flooring may not be the first thing you think of when you're looking for a quick upgrade, but with today's many flooring options, there's no need to put up with worn carpets and tile floors. You can choose from eco friendly cork, install-it-yourself linoleum sheet and tiles to trickier hardwood applications. In addition to visual appeal, consider comfort, life span, cost and maintenance when considering re-doing your floors. Sometimes, something as simple as adding a throw rug under a table or beneath chairs will add the warmth and color you're looking for. Good flooring is a must for a well decorated room.

If you need to update or brighten up a garage floor or storage room floor, use floor paint. Make sure that you do not bother about the cost so much as this can be considered good investment.

Decorate With Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers come in such a variety of colors and shapes, you can tailor the display to suit any decor. Any interior that has plants in it instantly livens up the atmosphere of that place. Plants improve the air in the room and suit a range of styles and decoration. Plant window boxes to enhance the view both inside and out. Plant flowers near the window sill to improve the beauty of the windowsills. Use hanging baskets to provide warm welcome.

Framed Art

Create harmonious look with framed art on the wall. Framed art instantly add elegance quotient to your room. A big, beautiful picture displayed in solitary splendor can create an instant focal point in any room. For special emphasis, attach a picture light to the top of a frame. Avoid any lighting that shines directly into pictures as it will reflect and detract from the images.

Although you should never buy art to much your decor, pay special attention to the frame, because it is a very important tool for adding to the beauty of the painting and creating the effect of pulling the whole concept of your design together. A group of pictures makes a stronger statement than a single one and will turn a blank wall into an eye-catching feature. Framed art should hang just above eye level. This should be lower in seating areas like living room or dinning room and higher in areas for standing like hallway or staircases.

Re-surface Cabinets and Counter Tops

If your kitchen or bathrooms are weary or you are not happy with the colors, re-surfacing counters and cabinets will give you a whole new look for a lot less money than actual renovation. Sometimes, just painting the cabinets and changing the hardware can transform the look of a kitchen or bathroom overnight.

For more decorating ideas, check home decorating books and magazines or visit home improvement showrooms and see what products and styles are available. You can also ask a design consultant to come to your home and recommend different options.


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Making the necessary improvements before you put property on the market is very important for fast and smooth selling process.
A house that looks nice inside will sell at a slightly higher price, but above all, it will sell much faster.
Painting gives you the best return for money spent. Keep it neutral, off-white, beige or antique-white is the best.

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