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Home Evaluation

Property market value is the price for which you could expect the real estate property to sell if you put it on the market. Many home owners want to know the market value of their property before they are making important real estate decisions.

Reasons for property evaluation may be different but the true market value is very important if you are in the process of:
  • Planing to sell the home
  • Thinking about refinancing
  • Buying out a partner
  • Estate planing
  • Splitting or separating from your partner
  • Want to know whether to invest in renovation or sell as is...
It is good to know that market value assumes an informed buyer and seller with the knowledge of all the legal uses for a property in a particular transaction. So market value is basicaly the highest price in terms of money, that the property will bring to a villing seller if exposed for sale on the open market and allowing a reasonable time to find a willing buyer.

Many local real estate professionals will provide you with a FREE Comparative Market Analysis of your real estate property. The more information you provide about the property, the more accurate the evaluation.


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