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Create a Good Marketing Plan

The customized marketing plan should be designed to make the process of selling your home as simple and quick as possible. While a sign on your lawn is of paramount importance to the sale of your home, a well-thought-out marketing plan is also essential.

If you are using good real estate professional, a marketing strategy should be one of the first things he/she will discuss with you. If selling your own house, make sure you create your own marketing strategy to give your house maximum exposure.

Customized marketing plan will assist you in differentiating your home from others in your marketplace. It will help alleviate any anxiety you may have about selling your property and guide you through the selling process.

Important Marketing Steps:

1. Prepare House for Viewing

  • Making the necessary improvements before you put your property on the market is probably one of the most important things you can do for fast and smooth selling process.
  • Cleaning the house and removing clutter are another simple and effective ways to get potential buyers to focus on the bones of the house, not on the distracting mess.
  • Curb appeal is just as important as cleaning the inside of the home - it's the buyer's first impression of your property.

2. Have Sale Sign Installed

  • This creates visibility for prospective buyers who are driving through the area.
  • Notifies neighbors that house is available.

3. Install Lockbox

  • Lockbox is very convenient for showings, you don't want to turn away any showings.
  • It provides opportuity for showing vacant property without appointment.
  • Electronic lockbox record all entries and provides some security.

4. Coordinate Photography

  • Have exterior photos taken and ready.
  • Have interior photos taken and ready.
  • Take additional photos if necessary due to weather, season etc.

5. Order Virtual Tour

  • This great technology will provide 360 degre views of the property. The virtual tour is your opportunity to differentiate your property from others. Virtual tour will never be a 100% substitute for a personal walk through, but it is an essential first step for helping a clients to find the listings that fit their needs and taste.
  • Virtual tour should be posted on property's online brochure, feature sheet, and web sites used for advertising your property.
  • It can be emailed to prospective buyers.
  • With virtual tour you have essentially created an online open house that buyers can conveniently experience 24/7 from their home or office computer. You could even invite potential buyers to your open house directly from your virtual tour.

6. Create Marketing Pieces

  • Postcards and Feature Sheet with general information about your property.
  • Brochure - more detailed information for parties who express interest.
  • Open House Invitations - for the immediate neighborhood or other target markets.

7. Order Property Address URL

  • Order a web site for your property at www.youraddress.com
  • Point all advertising to this address (brochures, sign rider, feature sheets, flyers, etc.

8. Input Into MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

  • MLS listing gives exposure and make your property information available to real estate professionals and potential buyers.
  • MLS exposes your property to those most likely to purchase it, and makes sure you won't waste time showing your home to those who aren't truly interested.

9. Newspaper Advertising

  • Create newspaper advertising schedule in area's large newspaper.
  • Create newspaper advertising schedule in local real estate newspaper.

10. Other Internet Exposure

  • Create advertising for social media sites.
  • Create completely free ads on Kijiji, Craigslist, and related sites for more exposure.


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