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Buying a home is a decision which affects you and all other members of your household, and it should be made as much as possible collectively, with thorough consideration given to all its personal and financial implications.

The decision to buy a home should never, ever, be made on impulse. Owning a home should be a long-term pleasure, pride and a satisfying investment. Make sure, before you make any commitment that it's what you want and within the limits of what you can afford and you are well on your way to making it a very happy home before you even move in.


Included here are worksheet forms and calculators to assist you on your exciting journey.


Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance

Learn more about mortgage insurance, the one of the most ambiguous and least understood terms in the industry. Since mortgage insurance is very often confused with other types of insurance associated with home ownership, on this page we will explain the difference, help you understand it better, and learn more about different options available to you. Knowing and understand more about mortgage insurance will help you decide what coverage is appropriate for your specific needs. Read more...


Your credit, income and down payment are 3 main factors that will be considered before you get approved for a mortgage.
One way to help boost your down payment is to borrow money from your RRSP.
Don’t make any big purchases before getting approved for a mortgage.