Bathroom Improvements

Bathroom Improvements

Bathroom Improvements Increase House Value & Enhance Living Space

They say there are no guarantees in life, but if you plan and implement it with care, your bathroom improvement is almost certain to guarantee to increase your house value and enhance your living space.

Bathroom showrooms can help get you started, while house improvements magazines and articles like ours usually offer valuable insights.

You can also find more design ideas and tips how make your bathroom more functional in our article Bathroom Makeovers.

Make Storage Space Your Priority

Storage space is one of the biggest problems in the bathroom area. Without enough storage space, the bathroom can be a disorderly, messy and dangerous area. Toiletries, cosmetics, and sometimes medications on the counter, shampoo, body wash and hair conditioner bottles throughout the shower, towels and dirty laundry strewn here and there make a big problem. But with some careful planning in advance, you'll eliminate the clutter and give yourself more room to move and enjoy your bathroom like your own luxury spa.

If you're doing a major bathroom renovation, buy or build as big a vanity as possible, one with plenty of drawers, cubby holes and counter space.

A wall-mounted cabinet above the toilet allows easy access to make-up and medicine. Don't forget the lock if you have curious kids. When installing, don't forget to leave enough space above the tank so you can take the lid off, and ensure the cabinet is no more than eight inches deep, to prevent hitting your head upon rising.

Wall shelving above or beside the sink is another smart idea. Some come as combination shelves, mirror and towel bars, providing additional storage capabilities.

Bathroom Improvements

If bathroom square footage permits, bring in a chest, vintage armoire or a free-standing cabinet to hold towels and other bathroom accessories. In this case, proper bathroom ventilation is a must in order to preserve the wood.

Below the bathroom sink or counter, pull-out shelving or drawer lets you make good use of this often wasted space and you won't have to rummage around for items that are usually hidden deep within the cabinet.

If you have bathroom window that provide little in the way of light or view, install glass shelves across the with, and enjoy a great place for decorative items or toiletries.

Nice storage gadgets can save space and, if they are tastefully arranged, enhance design. These include shower caddies, towel bars, towel rings, soap dishes, toothbrush and sponge holders, portable clothes hampers etc.


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