Zero Lot Line:
In real estate, a zero lot line describes a property with one boundary wall of a structure built right on the property line or very near to the edge of the property line.

Zombie Title: A real estate title that has stayed with the owner of a residential property after the mortgage lender has begun a foreclosure process (making the owner move out to enable sale of the property) but then cancelled the foreclosure process. The lender is not required to notify the owner of the cancellation, who is therefore often unaware of the obligations associated with continued ownership (which does not change until someone else's name is on the title), such as payment of local taxes, upkeep of the property in accordance with local bylaws, and all other costs and responsibilities of homeownership. The prevalence of zombie titles greatly increased in the United States following the financial crisis of 2007–2008. To prevent this, homeowners should make sure their foreclosure process is completed and the title is legally transfers to someone else.

An area of a municipality or specific building that is zoned for a specific use, such as residential, commercial, etc.

The process of dividing land in a municipality into zones (e.g. residential, industrial) in which certain land uses are permitted or prohibited. The type of zone determines whether planning permission for a given development is granted. Zoning may specify a variety of outright and conditional uses of land. It may also indicate the size and dimensions of land area as well as the form and scale of buildings.

Zoning Laws:
Municipal laws restricting the use of land for specific purposes. The zoning bylaw is the dominant legal document that sets out the minimum physical requirements of a site and specifies the various uses allowed.

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