Alexander Graham Bell Homestead

Alexander Graham Bell Homestead

Here at his parent's home in July 1874, Alexander Graham Bell conceived the fundamental idea of the telephone and, in August 1876, carried out the first successful long-distance trials.

The Homestead evokes the formative influence of Bell's father, an authority on the acustics of speech, and of his mother who was deaf. They stimulated their son's lifelong interest in teaching the deaf to speak, a passion that proved crucial to the discovery of telephone.

Since the early 20th century, the Bell Homestead has served as a symbol of this inventor's remarkable achievement.

Bell Homestead Sign

Here at his parent's home in July 1874, Alexander Graham bell conceived the fundamental idea of the telephone and in August 1876. carried out the first successful long-distance trials. The world's first long distance telephone call was made by Bell from Brantford to Paris, Ontario in Aug. 1876.

Bell Homestead Brantford

Bell Homestead National Historic Site
Location: 94 Tutela Heights Road, Brantford, Ontario, N3T 1A1
Phone: 519-756-6220 Fax: 519-759-5975

Bell Homestead National Historic Site

The Bell Homestead National Historic Site, located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, also known by the name of its principal structure, Melville House, was the first North American home of Professor Alexander Melville Bell and his family, including his last surviving son, scientist Alexander Graham Bell.

Bell Homestead National Historic Site

The approximately 10-acre site has been largely restored to its appearance when the Bells lived there in the 1870s, and Melville House now serves as a museum to the family and to the invention of the telephone.

Bell Homestead National Historic Site

Tours provided by staff in 19th century costume, demonstrations of various household activities, and audio-visual presentations will provide an entertaining and educational experience. Don't forget to visit museum store and the Homestead Café!

Alexander Graham Bell Homestead Brantford

The Bell Homestead is surrounded by period style rural perennial flower and herb gardens, and beautiful wooded grounds, all overlooking the Grand River. A picnic area is available for use from May to late Autumn. Washroom facilities are provided and all buildings are wheelchair accessible.

The Bell family home saw six owners after the family sold the farm in 1881.
In 1909, the house and surrounding lands were purchased from the last private owner by the Bell Telephone Memorial Association and deeded to the City of Brantford.
Alexander Graham Bell Homestead in Brantford opened its door to the public for the first time in 1910.
As one of Ontario's oldest historic home museums, it has grown significantly in that time, with three restored historic buildings.
The Bell Homestead boasts a unique history and an eclectic collection of original Bell family artifacts.

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