Paris Ontario

PARIS - The Prettiest Town in Ontario

Incorporated in 1850, Paris is now known as "the Prettiest Town in Ontario". A stop at the scenic lookout on Hwy.2 overlooking the entire town centre with two rivers (the Nith River and the Grand River) flowing by, will show you why.

This unique little town has also been referred to as "the cobblestone capital of Canada" (in reference to a number of aged structures and houses made of cobblestones taken from the rivers). St. James Church (constructed in 1839) was the first cobblestone structure in Paris.

History, heritage architecture and picturesque views are only part of a visit to Paris. Come and discover everything that Paris has to offer.

Grand River Paris

The forks of the Nith and Grand River meet in pretty Paris town where the "fad" architecture of cobblestone buildings was prominent in the mid 1800's.

Grand River Paris

Just six minutes northwest of Brantford, Paris offers a picturesque and tranquil valley setting to enjoy the Springtime in Paris festival or the Paris Fall Fair.

Paris Ontario

Much of the town is built on rolling hills and treed slopes, providing perfect settings for the notable heritage homes that feature cobblestone craftmanship and Greek Revival architecture.

Paris Ontario

Competitive shopping can be found along the main street, Grand River St. N. There are also factory outlets selling a variety of goods.

Paris Ontario

Mid-sized industry, in a modern park, sets the tone of Paris' development and growth.

Grand River Paris

Paris was voted "the Prettiest Little Town in Canada" by Harrowsmith Magazine.

Paris was named for the nearby deposits of gypsum, used to make plaster of Paris.
Paris was first settled on May 7, 1829, when its founder, Hiram Capron, originally from Vermont, bought the land at the Forks of the Grand in 1829 for $10,000 and divided some land into town lots.
The village was incorporated in 1850 with Hiram "Boss" Capron as the first Reeve. It was incorporated as a town in 1856 with H. Finlayson as the first mayor.
By 1869, the population of Paris was about 3,200.

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