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Recycling Info


Recycling Collection Inquiries, Contractor: 519-770-4711

REMEMBER: Only 1, 2 or 5 plastics are recyclable at this time! Items like: plastic pop/juice bottles,
yogurt or margarine containers and more durable plastics such as detergent bottles.

Plastic Containers & Tubs
- remove tops and discard lids
- rinse containers out
- flatten soft drink containers & remove lids
(only recycle lids that are labelled 1, 2 or 5)
Do not include plastic wrap, garden pots, styrofoam, medicine containers, toys, rubbermaid products or other durable plastic products that are not labeled 1, 2 or 5 plastics.

Food & Beverage Containers
- rinse containers out
- place metal lids inside container
- pinch the top to trap lids in container
Do not include frozen juice cans (unless all metal), metal pots or any other metal products.

Glass Bottles & Jars
- remove caps/lids, rinse
- recycle metal caps/lids with cans
- mason jars/lids can be recycled
Do not include broken glass. Wrap broken glass in paper and set out in a cardboard box for garbage collection. Do not include any other type of glass, such as ceramics, dishes, cups, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors, pyrex or drinking glasses.

Aluminum Trays & Foil
- clean foil
- flatten aluminum trays and foil
(pie plates/fast food trays)
Do not include aluminum foil or trays with food scraps or grease, foil with paper or plastic lamination (chip bags, butter or cigarette wrappings or blister foil from pills). Do not stuff aluminum into other cans or containers.

Aerosol & Paint Containers
- make sure metal containers are empty
- take lids off paint cans to dry
- place in blue box - don't bag them.
Do not include containers with more than 25mm (1/4") of dried product, paint cans larger than 4 litres (1 gallon), plastic paint cans, propane cylinders or other hazardous waste. Cans that still contain product are to be taken to Household Hazardous Waste Days.

Corrugated Cardboard
Cardboard used for shipping large items (stereos, furniture, appliances):
- flattened & tied in 75cm x 75cm (30" x 30") sections up to 20cm (8”) thick, left beside blue box
Do not include pizza boxes (unless clean) or any non-corrugated cardboard.

- cereal/detergent type boxes, shoe boxes
- cardboard tubes, brown paper bags
- egg cartons
Remove food and liner bags, flatten boxes and stuff all material in a boxboard box, paper or plastic bag. Do not include drinking boxes, milk cartons, contaminated paper (e.g. used tissues), paper with heavy foil, plastic lamination or waxed paper. Remove all food residue.

Paper & Junkmail
- newspapers, wrapping paper/inserts
- phone books, magazines/catalogues
- paperback books, junk mail/office paper
Place in a plastic or paper bag next to or on top of your blue box. Do not include hard covered books or soiled paper. Remove windows from envelopes.

Include the following materials in with your newspaper, or in it’s own plastic bag beside or on top of the recycling box:

Materials you can recycle:
- regular wrapping paper, cardboard tubes
- greeting cards, wrapping tissue paper
- paper gift bags with handles removed

Materials you cannot recycle:
- foil & plastic wraps, bubble wraps
- foil, plastic or musical greeting cards, cellophane or bows
- ribbons, plastic gift bags


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